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100 Bentley St
Markham, ON, L3R 3L2



Participatory Design Process

We customize workflow for more complex projects involving digital projects and extended semi-perm and permanent display fabrication.

Project Definition

The design brief is discussed, between the client and an account services representative.

Department Assignment

Departments involvement is determined by project needs.

Joint Creative Meeting

Ideas and experiences contributed between disciplines are evaluated simultaneously. A direction is agreed upon and possibilities are discussed. Concepts are measured against effective POP principles.


Each designer is able to think, plan and design independently. This ensures everyone has a sense of full and joint responsibility for the work.

Review & Prototyping Cycles

Concepts are reviewed by our Estimating Department to ensure that production costs fall in line with the budget outlined in the project brief.  Designs are measured against effective POP principles.

Engineering Files are Finalized

Industrial Design production drawings are finalized. Structural Design dielines are finalized.

Artwork Files are Finalized

Graphic Design artwork is applied to dielines and delivered to our prepress department. Agency Clients or Agency Creative departments apply custom art work.

Artisan Complete Production

Production files are delivered to Artisan Complete’s production facilities.