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We recently developed and rolled out our online inventory management and ordering portal.  Artisan Online is our answer to the industry's growing need for cataloging and centralizing all at-retail and logistic information, to streamline operations.

This completely customizable tool is a proprietary web-based solution that offers our customers access to current and historical information, the ability to generate distribution matrices, manage existing inventory and initiate online orders by both head office or store-level personnel.

This online system has been developed as an extension or module that speaks directly to our own internal workflow system, actioning resources and allocating inventory assets as determined by client.  It was designed to meet the wide needs of Artisan's brand and retailer clients to help streamline their ordering processes and mitigate costs associated with over/under producing marketing collateral goods.  

A full explanation/demonstration of this system will be made available upon your request.  This system has been designed to capture the following information:

- Site Audit Capabilities (including images/specifications captured on smart devices by designated in-field reps and automated upload of information into the system to create store profiles) 

- Client historic project bank (images, quantities, costs, production dates, etc.)

- Online ordering of catalogued items

- Forecasting tools based on historical ordering patterns

- Order tracking

- Inventory status

- Retailer specifications

- Distribution list management

- Volume rebate tracking and reporting

- Project specific customer needs collection