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100 Bentley St
Markham, ON, L3R 3L2


Company History

Back in 1971, Artisan Screen Print was a proprietorship.

Artisan Print Limited was formed in 1973 with roots in screen-printing and has since evolved to become a full service provider at the forefront of at-retail communications. Over the past 40+ years, we have experienced much growth and innovation as well.

Within the first decade, the company was joined by Peter Balzer, in 1983, as partner and Vice President who then added Edwin Lemieux as our Screen Maker.  More than thirty years later, both remain key members of our executive leadership team.

Ursula Balzer joined the Artisan team in 1987 as our Chief Financial Officer with Peter Balzer moving to President and both Peter and Ursula became sole proprietors of Artisan Print Limited.

1996 was the year that we went completely film-free as our first four-colour digital screen was installed.

In 1998, Artisan Retail Limited was formed as a separate entity and we began working with displays, growing to the point that we opened a new plant to accommodate the incremental dimensional and display business.  

1999 saw Edwin Lemieux becoming a partner and Vice President Operations. Peter assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer

In 2000, the name Artisan Complete was trademarked as the umbrella or parent company of Artisan Print Limited and Artisan Retail Limited, the Point of Purchase specialists.  

We were recognized in 2003 within our industry with the Display of the Year award, an Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) top honour, for our Tylenol Temporary Floor Display.

In 2010 we received OMA top honours by winning Display of the Year for our Wonder Olympic Themed Spectacular.

Our Sharpie Try Me Temporary Floor Display won Display of the Year in 2011 and went on to win the Global Marketing at Retail Award in 2012. All Displays of the Year award winners from different countries are entered the following year to compete globally for this most prestigious award.

In 2013, we were presented with the Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) Creative Award for our InkJoy Launch Temporary Half Pallet.

Effective June 1, 2015, Artisan Print + Limited and Artisan Retail Limited merged into Artisan Complete Limited and in 2016 we added fully automated die cutting and 160,000 square feet of incremental space for distribution.