New Balance RFID

RFID Driven New Balance Shoe Display

New Balance has rolled out an RFID driven shoe wall in their Boston flagship store.

The project was devised and executed by Boston-​based agency Almighty.

As you pick up various footwear and bring them into proximity of the reader, content relevant to the specific shoe is featured on the integrated screen.

A number of years ago we did some experimentation for a product line for Adidas that allowed the consumer to select from three models of Adicolor shoes. When the RFID tag was taken away from the reader, content for that shoe would be shown on screen. Furthermore, you could customize the Adicolor shoe the way you’d like it before purchasing and then be able to send the mocked-​up version to your email inbox.

This begs a question which we tried to solve for another client, Athletes World. How can you eliminate the wait and often the disappointment around the question “Do you have this in my size”? If the at-​shelf level reader were mapped to the stores POS system, could you not let the shopper know virtually instantly if the shoe is or isn’t available and if not provide recommendations and alternatives. Sadly the project never flew, but the idea and the concept was sound.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this solution, but in the meantime, nice work New Balance and Almighty.

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