MANLAND from Ikea

Alright gents. There is probably no single word that sends chills up your spine like the word “IKEA”. Usually heard on a Saturday morning just as you’ve poured the first cup of coffee. She says, “We’re going to Ikea today”. This is the point where I look for the nearest escape route or begin crafting an elaborate excuse as to why I am too busy.

Next time you hear that terrifying question you’ll be able to take a little bit of a breather. Let me introduce you to MANLAND. No MANLAND isn’t a new bookshelf or towel rack from the Swedish furniture giant. It’s way better than that.

Remember how terrible the experience can be when you are dragged through the labyrinth while your female counterpart asks you if you prefer the peach or fuchsia sofa?

Remember the ball-​swamp where parents drop their kids off so that they can spend an hour lost in the maze of aisles at Ikea without the kids going nuts?

How much would you like to be dropped off here next time?

Unfortunately, this was installed only for Father’s Day in Australia (held the first Sunday of September). I hereby suggest that we begin a petition to be signed by all men and present it to Ikea executives. Please Ikea, please install this in all of your locations, and make it permanent. Men the world over will thank you.