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100 Bentley St
Markham, ON, L3R 3L2



The Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) Award was introduced more than 50 years ago and is based upon North America's first 3D P.O.P. display - the cigar store Indian. These cigar store statues were placed outside of tobacco shops to draw the attention of passersby and were originally carved from the wood of a ship's mast. While its origin was targeted towards one category, today, point-of-purchase merchandising affects nearly all of retail.

Artisan Complete Limited is Canada's most awarded P.O.P. producer - the recipient of 136 OMA awards to date, and having earned some of the industry's top honours both in the North American and Global markets.

The OMAs are awarded to producers of displays on the merit of aesthetic design, engineering, innovation, quality of production, brand integrity and the success of the display in driving sales lift at retail.

Some of our OMA top honours are:

  • 2017 Creative Award (Molson Wanderoot Tasting Station)
  • 2017 Global Marketing At Retail Award, Temporary Division (Mr.Sketch Sidekick)
  • 2013 Creative Award (InkJoy Launch, Temporary Half Pallet)
  • 2012 Global Marketing At Retail Award (Sharpie Try Me Temporary Floor Stand)
  • 2011 Display of the Year, Temporary Division (Sharpie Try Me Temporary Floor Stand)
  • 2010 Display of the Year, Temporary Division (Wonder Olympic Themed Spectacular)
  • 2003 Display of the Year, Temporary Division (Tylenol Temporary Floor Stand)