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100 Bentley St
Markham, ON, L3R 3L2

Accessibility Policy

Artisan is committed to excellence in serving all clients and visitors in a way that respects the dignity and independence of each individual. We are also committed to giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access information and services in a similar way as other clients or visitors, by providing reasonable accommodations. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, and will continue to evolve our practices in this regard.


Artisan’s success is built on a foundation of professional integrity and a commitment to excellence. We value our employees along with the skills and talents that each individual brings to our organization. Artisan is committed to creating a workplace that is accessible by removing barriers and making reasonable accommodations, which will allow employees to reach their full potential. This commitment applies to all paid employees including full-time, part-time, paid apprenticeships, and seasonal employment.

Notice to potential visitors with disabilities:

Artisan Complete Head Office is located at 100 Bentley Street, Markham, ON L3R 3L2. All visitors must report to this location for entry, even if they are visiting 80 Bentley or the location on McPherson.

The front entrance is equipped with a ramp, however the front door does not have an automatic opening device. There is ordinarily someone sitting in the reception area that could open the door to provide access for individuals with physical disabilities. This service is normally available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you wish to visit and are unable to open a glass door, please call first at 905-475-2860 extension 404 to make prior arrangements. If a person with a physical disability is accompanied by someone who can open the door for them, they can easily gain access to the building.

There are accessible washrooms located on the main floor. Some of the offices are located on the mezzanine, and the only access currently is by staircase. However, we can easily accommodate any meetings on the main floor area. There currently is no one at Artisan who knows sign language. We offer hand-written or typed communication as an alternative.

1. Accessible Customer Service Plan

Providing services to people with disabilities - Artisan is committed to excellence in serving all clients and visitors, including people with disabilities. We will carry out our functions and responsibilities in the following areas:

1.1 Communication

We will communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability.

Communication is a process of providing, sending, receiving and understanding information. To communicate in an effective way, Artisan will take into consideration how the disability may affect the way the person expresses, receives or processes communications. Where possible, Artisan staff will ask the individual directly the best way to communicate with him/her.

We will train staff who communicate with clients and visitors on how to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities.

Artisan uses a variety of ways, wherever possible, to make communications more accessible by:

  • Considering the needs of people with disabilities during the planning stage of services and communication development.
  • Using plain language to make a document easier to read for people with certain learning disabilities.
  • Offering information in alternate communication methods, upon request: Hand-write or type information back and forth; Large print; email as an alternate channel to provide accessible communication; Relay Service

1.2 Billing

We are committed to providing accessible invoices to all of our customers. For this reason, invoices will be provided in the following formats upon request:

  • Large print hard copy
  • Email

We will answer any questions customers may have about the content of the invoice in-person, by telephone, or email.

1.3 Assistive devices

We are committed to serving people with disabilities who use assistive devices. We will ensure that our staff is trained and familiar with various assistive devices that may be used by clients or visitors with disabilities while accessing our services.

1.4 Use of service animals and support persons

We are committed to welcoming people with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal on the parts of our premises open to clients and visitors, in accordance with the visitor policy. We will also ensure that all staff accompanying clients and visitors is properly trained in how to interact with people with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal.

We are committed to welcoming people with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person. At no time will a person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person be prevented from having access to his or her support person while on our premises.

1.5 Notice of temporary disruption

Artisan will provide notice in the event of a planned or unexpected disruption in the facilities or services usually used by people with disabilities. This notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration, and a description of alternative facilities or services, if available.

The notice will be placed at all public entrances on our premises.

1.6 Training for staff

Artisan will provide training to all employees who deal with third parties (clients, vendors, and visitors), and all those who are involved in the development and approvals of customer service policies, practices and procedures. Individuals in the following positions will be trained:

  • Customer service representatives
  • Sales associates
  • Reception
  • Managers

Training will include the following:

  • The purposes of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the requirements of the customer service standard
  • How to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities
  • How to interact with people with disabilities who use an assistive device or require the assistance of a service animal or a support person
  • How to use the Relay Service
  • What to do if a person with a disability is having difficulty in accessing our services
  • Artisan’s policies, practices and procedures relating to the customer service standard.

Applicable staff will be trained on policies, practices and procedures that affect the way services are provided to people with disabilities. Staff will also be trained on an ongoing basis when changes are made to these policies, practices and procedures.

1.7 Feedback process

The ultimate goal of Artisan is to meet and surpass expectations while serving clients and visitors with disabilities. Comments on our services regarding how well those expectations are being met are welcome and appreciated.

Feedback regarding the way Artisan provides services to people with disabilities can be made by email, verbally, or written correspondence. All feedback will be directed to the Human Resources Manager and responded to within 14 business days.

1.8 Modifications to this or other policies

We are committed to developing customer service policies that respect and promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. Therefore, no changes will be made to this policy before considering the impact on people with disabilities.

Any policy of Artisan that does not respect and promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities will be modified or removed.

2. Information and Communication

Artisan is dedicated to ensuring information is accessible for people with disabilities. This will be achieved through the following means:

  • Ensuring websites and web content is accessible, according to the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Provide accessible formats and communications supports as quickly as possible at no additional cost, when person with a disability asks for them.
  • Make feedback processes accessible by providing accessible formats and communications supports, when requested
  • Make public emergency information accessible, when requested

3. Emergency Planning

Artisan will provide individualized emergency response information to employees, when necessary. Emergency plans will be modified to include any accommodations required for employees with disabilities.

4. Employment

Any person in Human Resources or any Manager or Supervisor that may be involved in recruitment, and managing/reviewing of employee performance, will be trained on the requirements of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations (IASR).

4.1 Recruiting

Should any job applicant request it, the recruitment and hiring process will be modified to accommodate their disability. For example: if someone is unable to climb stairs, the interview will be held downstairs instead of the boardroom.

If someone with dyslexia requests additional time to fill out any paperwork, they will be accommodated.

4.2 Accessibility and accommodation

All employees can feel free to openly discuss with their supervisor or HR their need for accessibility and accommodation without fear of reprisal or dismissal. Many disabilities are not visible. When they are brought to Artisan’s management’s attention, they will do everything necessary to accommodate the employee. It may be something as simple as a new keyboard for someone with carpal tunnel or practicing the evacuation route for someone who suffers from anxiety.