Artisan welcomes the next evolution in digital printing


Introducing the Onset QR40

8 Colour Channels

CMYK plus light cyan and light magenta for superior colour control and smoother transitions. 2 dedicated channels of white for image back up with perfect registration.

Superior Print Resolution

The Inca Onset QR40 is capable of photographic image quality with 3 available resolution settings.

Outstanding Production Speeds

Able to output over 3000 square feet per hour on its highest quality print setting – between 60 to 90 — 63” x 126” full sheets per hour.

Spot Gloss and Matte Effects

With its unique selective curing process the QR40 is able to further enhance the vibrancy of specific areas within the image.

To learn more about the features and benefits of the Onset QR40 and how it can utilized to enhance your in-​store communications, please do not hesitate to contact to us. We would be happy to set up a tour to have you see the Onset QR40 in operation.

Learn more about the QR40 Onset.

Artisan Complete

It’s rough out there on the shelf. Our organization has been backing up the world’s best brands and smartest agencies in-​store since 1973. We don’t do branding, build social networking strategies or design websites. We make POP.

At 185+ strong and over 100 internationally recognized awards deep, we bring a lot to the table. In every store, we’ve got your back.

Point of Purchase Production & Printing+

We deliver beautiful projects, seemingly impossible projects, and projects that work.

Our industry-​leading stance on technology and the environment has created a new benchmark for printing and POP production. We are the fastest Onset digital printer in North America and have been recognized by the Canadian government for our positive environmental contributions to our industry.

Learn more about our production capabilities and environmental policies.

Point of Purchase Design

Three specialized departments contribute to an integrated workflow based on project requirements. Our design method takes into account the budget, the environment, retail implementation, the product, and the shopper — from the very beginning of every project.

Learn more about our design capabilities.